Thousand Mile Void

11 11 2015

Thousand Mile VoidWhen the new ship arriving on the rogue habitat turns out to be full of aliens, Mike and Sana-Ke have got their work cut out. Especially because the town’s on the move, trying to cross an impossible thousand mile wide void.

Cover illustration © Algol |

ebook $2.99

Len Stone – 3am, Persledt Eight: a new ebook short.

14 12 2011

Alternate cover

Beginning a series of Bren Taylor stories by Len Stone. Len is a pen name I’m using for these stories about Taylor – a fix-it man who sometimes gets more than he bargained for. I’m hoping he’ll make it through all the stories. “3am, Persledt Eight” is a pulp, hard sci-fi romp that twists and turns a little. Taylor’s got to get up to an orbitting hospital where one of the patients had run amok, threatening the integrity of the whole station.

As I develop more stories by Len I’ll set up a separate page for him.

I tried a couple of versions of the cover too.

The story is available now as an ebook through Triple V Publishing – 99 cents. It’s a little over 8000 words. It starts like this:


“Situation?” I said as I picked up the phone. No one calls at 3am unless there’s a problem. I have no family left so no heart attack was worth disturbing my sleep.
“Taylor?” the voice said. Joe.
“Situation?” I said again. He knew it was me. Making an urgent call then messing around did not endear me. I could be sleeping.
“The BonOrbit facility. A patient ran amok and now they’re trapped.”