Dormant Watcher

2 02 2016

dormant watcher coverOn a new world, Tony Retallick’s desperately searching for his missing wife. His own symbiont is withdrawn and confused. He’s worried hers has died and she’s lost and confused. His search drags him into the local underworld. Retallick might have to make more compromises than ever. Includes the stories “The Last Blue Butterfly” – Tracey Geave starts having visions in the new colony – and “Push Rooms” – Tam’s clients want a bit too much from his special powers.

Science Fiction

ebook $3.99

Paperback $9.99


21 10 2014

entangled 3Jared Dehl’s trapped in a web of moments, lurching from one to the next. Never sure he’s any closer to figuring out if the woman, Mary, really is his wife. Or who Cindy is, and why she’s tracking his every move.


cover art by Victor Habbick | Dreamstime

Still Air

20 02 2014

still air cover 8Ben Easton’s bringing his new son and girlfriend halfway around the world to meet his father and his father’s new girlfriend. Naturally Ben’s half-crazed mother is going to crash the party. A New Zealand literary story by Sean Monaghan, author of “Fog”.


The Impact Viewers

13 02 2014

impact viewers cover 5Excursions around the galaxy for paying customers to watch asteroid impacts is Jeb Curtis’s bread and butter. Paying customers have been in short supply lately. So when a researcher walks in offering enough cash to keep the creditors away, Jeb doesn’t ask too many questions. Maybe he should have. A science fiction novelette by Sean Monaghan, author of The Shipbreakers and Walking Gear.

Time Plus

6 02 2014

time plus cover 1 Meeting her twin is the last thing Bettina expects. After years working in the accelerated time labs and farms the differences between them are more than just physical. But somehow there’s still a sense of kinship.

Two Daron stories in two double-packs

10 08 2012

Skinny Joe and Pipe Dive are both out now – each story as a lead under the cover, with the other story as a bonus. $3.49 at Smashwords, Kindle, B&N and so on.


Habitat – YA sci-fi ebook

8 01 2012

Triple V’s new young adult/middle grade novel Habitat by Sean Monaghan is now available on Kindle and other ebook sites. $2.99 download. A POD version should be out soon – currently waiting for the proof from CreateSpace.

“Seve Brigham’s dream opportunity – a cadetship to work on the huge orbiting Habitat – is about to turn bad. Very bad. The station is an unfinished mess: behind schedule and under-staffed. Then there’s the alien voice in Seve’s head. And thieves are trying to steal the whole station. Seve needs to look sharp and think fast.”

Habitat is a backlist title. Originally published on BookHabit – one of the first ebook sites. BookHabit sold it’s inventory to SmashWords, but at the time I was busy with other things (and disappointed with the lack of sales – zero – and the complicated set of hoops to jump through to format it for SmashWords), so it fell into limbo.

Of late I’ve been learning about formatting – seriously not that big of a deal – and about indie publishing. With my newly edited novel Rotations (more on that soon) just released from Lucky Bat Books, now seemed like a good time to bring Habitat back to light.