26 06 2016

gretelThe colony ship Gretel is speeding for the stars. She’s supposed to be two light years away.

But she’s not.

The ship’s appeared in Saturn’s orbit. One distress call, then silence.

With his brother aboard Gretel, Karl Nathan’s got no choice but to break his promise to never go back to space. Saving the passengers and solving the mystery will take all his courage. And then some.

A deep space adventure by Sean Monaghan, author of Arlchip Burnout and
the Hidden Dome series.

Cover image by Rolffimages | Dreamstime

ebook $5.99

Paperback – $19.99

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Assassin of Dark, Hunter of Light

26 11 2015

Assassin of DarkHunter of LightHaz Dugan is the best gun caddy around.

Aboard the abandoned habitat orbiting Uranus, Haz is caddying for Kate Kukielko. Kate’s chasing down slurps. But when the slurps start fighting back, the pair are in for the battle of their lives.

For their lives.

When the future of the solar system depends on ending the threat of the slurps, everyone’s counting on Haz and Kate’s team to pull off the impossible

Cover illustration © Algol |

ebook $2.99