27 01 2014

Stacey 7 cover 6
Getting mugged on the way to the upgrade hall puts a big slowdown on Stacey’s day. All she wanted was to get her upgrade and go home for dinner. Too bad the mugger’s got underworld connections. A science fiction story by Sean Monaghan, author of “Quisic Smith and the Russian Doll Puzzle”.

Cover art © Mike Heywood |

The Juniper

14 01 2014

The Juniper cover 2 An Olla Story.

The Juniper’s a trusty old ship. But Braden Collins quickly realizes she’s not up to a raid on the Olla’s giant vessel. Especially when he and Mikey get get trapped on board the alien ship.

The Shipbreakers

9 01 2014
Cover art by Michael Knight | Dreamstime

Cover art by Michael Knight | Dreamstime

The new novelette from Sean Monaghan, out now for Kindle and other ebook formats.

Amy’s dream trip to Gandani is about to be shattered by Ray’s obsessions. Above a world littered with the wrecks of thousands of spaceship, Ray’s about to turn into the very person she feared. A science fiction novelette by the author of The Wreck of the Emerald Sky.