Len Stone – 3am, Persledt Eight: a new ebook short.

14 12 2011

Alternate cover

Beginning a series of Bren Taylor stories by Len Stone. Len is a pen name I’m using for these stories about Taylor – a fix-it man who sometimes gets more than he bargained for. I’m hoping he’ll make it through all the stories. “3am, Persledt Eight” is a pulp, hard sci-fi romp that twists and turns a little. Taylor’s got to get up to an orbitting hospital where one of the patients had run amok, threatening the integrity of the whole station.

As I develop more stories by Len I’ll set up a separate page for him.

I tried a couple of versions of the cover too.

The story is available now as an ebook through Triple V Publishing – 99 cents. It’s a little over 8000 words. It starts like this:


“Situation?” I said as I picked up the phone. No one calls at 3am unless there’s a problem. I have no family left so no heart attack was worth disturbing my sleep.
“Taylor?” the voice said. Joe.
“Situation?” I said again. He knew it was me. Making an urgent call then messing around did not endear me. I could be sleeping.
“The BonOrbit facility. A patient ran amok and now they’re trapped.”

Rotations with Lucky Bat Books

8 12 2011

Initially I was going to publish Rotations here with Triple V, but with the intense copyediting and other opportunities afforded through Lucky Bat Books, I’ll now be publishing with them. The cover has yet to be approved, and I’m still working through the final edits (a bigger job than it first seemed, though smaller than I’d imagined it might be when I first submitted). Will it be out before the end of the year? Hmm. That’s a maybe.