Suitcase Nuke – short story for .99 cents

16 11 2011

Staring across Schema Menovanni’s shoulder, Gerry looked through the narrow window at the snowy Pyrenees. He glimpsed one of the eagles, wings spread, head fixed then darting as it sought prey.
“Are you listening to me, Brother Mitchell?” the Schema said.
Gerry turned to Menovanni’s face, wondering how it had become so very lined. He’d never seen the old man change his expression from neutral. His outward elderly calm perhaps belied a vexed youth. As the oldest monk in Sopphoreo, no one knew his history. “I am listening, Schema,” Gerry said.

My story Suitcase Nuke, from Triple V Publishing, is now available for .99 cents from the Diesel bookstore. Also from Smashwords.

The story was originally published in the Static Movement Monk Punk, edited by AJ French.