21 10 2011

Deadstick, a short story I wrote for the Static Movement anthology Oil, edited by Martin Zeigler, will probably be the next thing I try out with Triple V Publishing. It will come out as a stand alone eBook – partly as a test for getting it right in terms of formatting and so on, especially so I can know what I’m doing with the novel too. I have a couple of cover options at the moment – pretty similar, one with the plane closer, one more distant. I think more distant works better – it looks more lonely and fits a bit more closely with the story.

When it’s published the first twenty percent will be available free (that’s about the first 1000 words), and it will be .99 cents to buy the whole thing, assuming I can figure out all the formatting properly. Give me a week or so. Still, here’s the opening paragraph as a taster:

Hank pushed Sally-Jean over the crest and slammed on the afterburners. He’d logged more hours strapped into her snug cockpit than in the rest of the test planes put together. The snub-nosed Lockheed felt like she was a part of him. Some of the guys at Ridgecrest were starting to make lewd comments, asking when the wedding was.



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