Incident on Oleander

26 06 2014

Incident on Oleander 2Ken Creason only wants to get the best samples. The plant chemistry on Oleander is like a treasure trove. Too bad he’s picked the wrong plant, in the wrong place. The little Oleands aren’t going to give him a second chance. Ken just hopes his own crew will.

ebook, $2.99

Cover illustration by © Angela Harburn |

Extradition Chit

16 06 2014

Extradition Chit cover 4Mason Reid’s running transport on Dewent, helping Jean and Abe go visit Abe’s grandparents. Gareth and Lesley Coites are not who they seem though. The situation slips quickly out of Mason’s hands. An Expansion Space story, prequel to Gravity Interference.


The Sound of Hooves in the Living Room

12 06 2014

SoundAfter some straightforward adventure science fiction, Sean Monaghan’s back with something a bit weirder. This offbeat tale will eventually end up in the Unbalanced collection we hope to get out later this year.

Jason and Alex are on the fast track to rapidly figuring out their get-rich-quick scheme. If only they can get their printer to work.

Smashwords $2.99
Kindle $2.99

Balance ii

7 04 2014

balance ii cover 4From near future to distant, from the far reaches of space to home on Earth, Jim Baen Memorial Grand Prize winner, and Writers of the Future finalist Sean Monaghan presents his second balanced collection of unusual science fiction stories. This book-length collection includes the stories “Defensive Position”, “Stacey7″, “The Shipbreakers”, “Time Plus” and “The Impact Viewers”. Cover image by Victor Habbick.

Smashwords $7.99
Kindle $7.99
Amazon (print) $15.99

A Robbery at Jupiter

26 03 2014

robbery cover 6An Olla story. Tony Shuster was the best squeeze man in the business. He could get into any ship without the crew knowing he’d even been nearby. Right now, Tony just wants to to enjoy a quiet vacation, but Val, his old boss, has got other ideas. And it’s not just any vessel Val wants him to raid. It’s alien. A giant Olla filigree ship. How can Tony say no?



Still Air

20 02 2014

still air cover 8Ben Easton’s bringing his new son and girlfriend halfway around the world to meet his father and his father’s new girlfriend. Naturally Ben’s half-crazed mother is going to crash the party. A New Zealand literary story by Sean Monaghan, author of “Fog”.


The Impact Viewers

13 02 2014

impact viewers cover 5Excursions around the galaxy for paying customers to watch asteroid impacts is Jeb Curtis’s bread and butter. Paying customers have been in short supply lately. So when a researcher walks in offering enough cash to keep the creditors away, Jeb doesn’t ask too many questions. Maybe he should have. A science fiction novelette by Sean Monaghan, author of The Shipbreakers and Walking Gear.


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